Photographer Profile: Nili Gudhka aka The Jungle Chic

Elephant Family by Nili Gudhka

Nili Gudhka, a native of the enchanting town of Kitale in Western Kenya situated on the foothills of Mt Elgon, embarked on a lifelong journey rooted in a profound love for nature. From her early days spent exploring the wildlife of Mt Elgon National Park during weekends, a deep connection with the natural world was forged. Nili’s academic pursuits eventually led her to Perth, Australia, where she successfully earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance.

Nili Gudhka

Returning to Kenya in 2013, Nili ventured into the corporate world, where her fascination with wildlife and photography remained a cherished hobby. It wasn’t until 2016, however, that a transformative shift occurred. Regular African safari trips with a basic Nikon DSLR camera kindled an intense passion for photography within Nili, prompting her to reassess her professional trajectory.

In 2019, fuelled by a desire to align her career with her true passion, Nili courageously bid farewell to the corporate office. Investing in superior photography equipment, her journey to refine her skills led to the inception of privately guided safaris within Kenya. This endeavor not only enhanced Nili’s photographic expertise but also deepened her connection with the natural world.

Elephant and Kilimanjaro by Nili Gudhka

The pivotal moment arrived in 2022 when Nili transitioned to hosting photographic safaris. Welcoming guests from around the world, many of whom embarked on their inaugural safari experience, Nili found immense joy in witnessing the awe and excitement reflected in their faces at the sight of wildlife in its natural habitat.

Nili passionately asserts that Africa is an addiction, a sentiment underscored by the genuine pleasure derived from sharing the continent’s splendors with others. Through each safari, Nili continues to nurture not just a career but a profound calling—one that echoes the beauty of Africa and the indescribable joy of introducing others to its wonders.

Samburu Leopard by Nili Gudhka

In Nili Gudhka’s remarkable journey lies an unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between humanity and the wild beauty of Africa. From the scenic landscapes of Kitale to the corporate realms of Perth, Nili’s evolution from a wildlife enthusiast to a dedicated photographer and safari host is nothing short of inspiring.

With each click of her camera and every shared moment on safari, Nili not only captures the essence of Africa’s magnificence but also imparts the infectious joy of discovery to those who accompany her. Her story stands as a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one’s passion, and Nili continues to weave a narrative that celebrates the boundless allure of Africa and the profound connections forged between people and nature.

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Images Credit @Nili Gudhka

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