Khaki Bush Africa Foundation

Khaki Bush Africa Foundation

Image by Annie Spratt

Khaki Bush Africa Foundation is a South African-based, nonprofit humanitarian aid, environmental, and wildlife conservation organization. They support and advocate for the rights of Africa’s underprivileged school children in remote areas, providing them with tools to assist in their education while also educating them on the importance of their wildlife neighbors and the environment they live in.

Khaki bush is gearing up to educate everyone through YouTube Documentaries and through school workshops highlighting the issues Africa is facing with its children, wildlife, and environmental conservation issues. Their documentary videos will also showcase beautiful destinations and people in Africa to attract responsible tourism. They are able to support schools, educate and donate to projects through donations, sponsors, partners, and their patrons. They encourage individuals and companies to donate and get involved with them.

Khaki Bush’s founder Craig Mitchell first envisioned Khaki Bush back in 2005. His dream was to live a fulfilling life with a purpose where he can inspire his children and others and leave behind a legacy of ethics and core values of which he and his family could be proud.

In 2020 at the height of Covid 19 Craig decided it was time to pursue his dream. He set out to establish a Travel Directory dedicated to Africa which would support his humanitarian aid and conservation Foundation Khaki Bush.

The Travel Directory named “I Heart Safaris” is being developed with partners in America and South Africa. Knowing that the Travel Industry plays a huge part in supporting Africa’s people and wildlife conservation, the core idea is to market and attract people to Africa and encourage Africans to visit neighboring countries as well as for locals to travel within their own countries.

In essence, Craig’s vision was to showcase the beauty of Africa, its people, destinations, and wildlife, and in doing so educate the world on the issues Africa is encountering with its people, wildlife, and environments. If you are able to support Khaki Bush and its projects please go to their website www.khakibush.com

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