Discover the art of Linda Ness: Capturing natures beauty.

Linda Ness, a passionate photographer with a deep love for nature, has a unique journey that shaped her artistic vision. As a youngster, Linda traveled extensively, always with her camera in hand, capturing the world around her. With limited budgets, she carefully rationed her treasured 35mm slide film rolls, protecting them through deserts with wet towels, through archaic airport X-ray conveyors with foil skins, and down raging rivers in dry bags.

Today, advancements in modern imaging and camera technology have opened up new creative opportunities for Linda, especially in the water, where she spends much of her free time. Her love for creating images continues to lead her to inspiring, often hard-to-reach places, driven by her mission to showcase the beauty of the natural world.

Linda’s website invites you to slow down and browse her collection, where you might find an image that resonates with you. All printing is done by Fotomax, a trusted print shop in Durban, South Africa. While the website currently does not accommodate orders and deliveries outside of South Africa, Linda is more than willing to make special arrangements for international customers. You can reach out to her directly at [email protected] to discuss digital copies or shipping options.

Linda’s fine art prints are created on Innova Soft White Cotton 280gms paper, a museum-quality material made with 25% cotton linters. This paper features a natural white finish and a slightly textured surface, ideal for indoor display. Prints are supplied rolled up in brown paper, ready for framing at your favorite gallery.

For a different texture and presentation, Linda offers stretched canvas prints. These are printed on a production canvas with a 10-year life expectancy, coated with a protective layer to extend their longevity. The edges of the canvas prints include a 5cm bleed with a reflection printed margin, ensuring a seamless appearance when stretched onto a frame. Like the fine art prints, these are also intended for indoor display and are supplied rolled up.

One of Linda’s recent discoveries is printing onto aluminum composite sheets. This recyclable material consists of two 0.3mm aluminum sheets with a solid 4mm polyethylene core. It’s thin, flat, and perfect for digital printing. The prints have no edging and come with a 20mm U-bar frame on the back for easy hanging, giving them a sleek, modern look. The inks used are UV resistant, ensuring the longevity of the artwork.

Linda recommends that her Pelagic images be printed on horizontally brushed aluminum sheets, which provide incredible depth and change with the lighting. Both matte and gloss options are available, and Linda is happy to advise on the best choice for your needs.

For a truly unique touch, Linda also offers the option of creating custom wallpaper. Choose an image you love, and she will design a wallpaper that transforms your entire wall into a stunning piece of art.

Explore Linda Ness’s world of photography and bring a piece of nature’s beauty into your home. Whether through fine art prints, canvas, aluminum composites, or custom wallpaper, Linda’s work is sure to inspire and captivate.


By Craig Mitchell
Contributor @Khaki Bush Magazine
Images Credit Linda Ness

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