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Sasi bush lodge

Nestled in the serene embrace of the Northern Drakensberg Mountains, where the Kilburn Dam glistens in the distance, I found myself in the enchanting haven of Sasi Bush Lodge. It was more than just a getaway; it was an immersion into the beauty of the mountains, a mission to protect the natural environment, and a rendezvous with indigenous wildlife in their rightful home. My stay at Sasi Bush Lodge was nothing short of an unforgettable South African experience.

As I arrived at Sasi Bush Lodge, I was greeted by the sight of luxurious tented accommodations that blended seamlessly with the surrounding wilderness. The lodge offered a range of adventure activities that promised to awaken my inner explorer. From 4×4 game drives to guided walks in the African bush, every day held the promise of a new adventure.

One of the highlights of my stay was a 21-kilometer scenic drive to the Royal Natal National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, I embarked on unforgettable hikes, including the Tugela Gorge Walk, which left me in awe of the sheer natural beauty of the Drakensberg Mountains. A further 1.5-hour drive took me to the Sentinel Car Park, where I had the incredible opportunity to stand atop the world’s highest waterfall collection, the awe-inspiring Tugela Falls.

Sasi Bush Lodge

What sets Sasi Bush Lodge apart is its commitment to reviving the ecosystem. The lodge is dedicated to re-wilding the land with ancient creatures that once roamed freely and removing alien vegetation that had encroached over the years. It’s a mission to restore the balance of nature, and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

My accommodation at Sasi Bush Lodge was the Jujube unit, perched among the Jujube Buffalo-Thorn Trees. It was the epitome of romance with a king-sized bed, a kitchenette, an open-air bathtub, a rain shower, a private toilet, a raised deck, a log fire, and the harmonious sounds of chirping birds. It was the perfect setting for a romantic escape.

Sasi Bush Lodge

For the adventure seeker, the Ukusa unit is a delight. With 365° views of the Drakensberg Mountains, this spacious unit offered a king-sized bed that could be separated into two singles if needed. Luxury amenities included a tea and coffee station, a private deck, and a log fireplace to keep me warm on cool evenings.

Sasi Bush Lodge offered me the opportunity to delve into the ancient history of the land through a Rock Art Tour. The paintings depicted a time of abundance and natural riches, and I learned about the people who created them and the meanings behind each stroke.

I embarked on game drives that took me through untouched lands teeming with indigenous flora and fauna. The sight of Africa’s wildlife was awe-inspiring, and we paused for a snack and refreshing drinks during our journey. Birdwatching was another highlight, with the return of resident birds to their nesting grounds after the reintroduction of wildlife.

Hiking enthusiasts like me were in for a treat with a variety of trails to choose from. Whether it was the challenging Tugela Falls and Chain Ladders Hike or the scenic Gorge Walk in the Royal Natal National Park, Sasi Bush Lodge offered access to a wide range of hiking opportunities.

To unwind after a day of adventure, I treated myself and my wife to a luxury massage in the comfort of my private unit at the Sasi Spa.

The lodge offered a variety of massage treatments that rejuvenated my body and soul. For those seeking the ultimate spa experience, the Forest Retreat, in association with Sasi Bush Lodge, was just a 21-kilometer drive away from Sasi Reception.

The culinary experience at Sasi Bush Lodge was a treat for the senses. Fresh and vibrant meals were thoughtfully designed to cater to individual dietary requirements. These delectable meals were served in private settings within the Sasi Main Lodge.

For an unforgettable South African dining experience, I joined the lodge for a bush breakfast under the Acacia trees. The aroma of coffee mingled with the scents of the natural bush, creating a sensory delight.

My stay at Sasi Bush Lodge was an immersion into the natural beauty of South Africa, a journey into the heart of the Drakensberg Mountains, and a chance to connect with the environment and the pleasures of a simpler South African life. It was an experience that inspired me to embrace my South African roots and share in the ethos of Sasi Bush Lodge. If you seek an adventure that combines luxury, nature, and a commitment to environmental preservation, then Sasi Bush Lodge is your ultimate destination. It’s where the wild heart of Africa beckons and the soul finds solace in the embrace of the mountains.

Contributor: @Khaki Bush Magazine
Image Credit: @Jemma Willd Safari Styled

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