I Got Charged by a Lion

On this fateful unforgettable day, the African sun blazed down, making it unbearably hot, and I was on a “big 5” safari reserve, excited to catch a glimpse of the incredible wildlife that roamed freely. As I drove through the vast wilderness en route to a viewing Hide, my heart leaped with joy as I spotted a beautiful male lion mating with a tawny lioness just before my destination’s entrance. I had never witnessed such a sighting before, and I knew I was in for a treat.

Lions mating involves a male lion approaching a receptive female, sniffing her urine to determine if she is in heat, and then engaging in sexual activity. The male lion typically mounts the female from behind and copulation can last up to a minute or more. Mating can occur several times a day over the course of several days during the female’s estrus cycle, which typically occurs every 2-3 years. During this time, the male lion may become aggressive towards other males who try to approach the female.

The male lion was a magnificent specimen, with dark brown fur and a powerful presence that commanded respect. As he walked past my vehicle, I felt a sense of awe and fear, knowing that he was capable of inflicting serious harm if he wanted to. But he seemed unfazed by my presence, and I watched with fascination as he mated with the female lion.

Lions mating
Photo by David Clode

I was so engrossed in the spectacle that I didn’t realize how much time had passed until I felt the urge to relieve myself. I knew of a restroom near this sitting probably only 50 meters away and decided to make my way there, hoping to avoid any confrontations with the lions.

As I approached the restroom, I noticed a small group of people gathering, completely unaware of the impending danger. I knew I had to warn them, but I was also worried about the lions heading toward me. I quickly scanned the area and saw that two individuals had the same idea as me and rushed ahead to use the restroom.

I decided to wait patiently for my turn and hoped that the lion wouldn’t arrive before I could finish. But as I turned the corner, I came face to face with a small but ferocious male lion. His eyes locked on mine, and I froze in terror as he let out a menacing growl.

I knew I had to act fast and ran towards the restroom with all my might. The lion’s roar echoed in my ears, and I felt a surge of adrenaline pump through my veins. I could almost feel his hot breath on my back, and I knew I was only a few feet away from safety.

Finally, I made it to the entrance of the restroom and breathed a sigh of relief. But as I turned around, I saw the lion, mere feet away from me, with his eyes fixed on me with a fierce gaze. His muscles tensed, ready to pounce at any moment, and I knew I was lucky to be alive.

Fortunately, the restroom was built with reinforced concrete and jagged rocks that prevented the lion from attacking me. I sat down, gasping for air, and tried to process what had just happened. I had come so close to death, and all because of a desperate need to use the restroom.

As I sat there, my mind raced with thoughts of what could have happened. I realized that I had underestimated the dangers of being in the wild and had put myself in harm’s way. The lion could have easily taken me down, and I would have been just another statistic, another casualty of human folly.

But the experience also taught me a valuable lesson about the beauty and power of nature. The lions were not to blame for my predicament; I was the intruder, the outsider who had entered their territory. I had to respect their space and acknowledge that they were the rightful owners of the land.

Roaring lion
Photo by Iurii Ivashchenko

In conclusion, my encounter with a charging lion was a harrowing experience that taught me a valuable lesson about the dangers of being in the wild. It’s essential to respect nature and its inhabitants and take all necessary precautions to stay safe. While I was lucky to escape unharmed, I will never forget the fear and adrenaline that coursed through my veins as I ran for my life. It’s an experience that I will never forget.

Featured image by Bhargava Srivari on Unsplash 

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