Curious Cheetah Encounters

Curious cheetah

With so many majestic animals, it’s hard to pick one animal we’d all like to see when on safari. But one that’s on the top of many of our lists: the cheetah. Sadly, the experience is becoming rarer with just 7,000 cheetahs estimated to live in the wild, with most being found in South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana.

While the program isn’t without controversy, the Indian government is trying to change this. Just last week, they reported the welcome news of 4 cheetah cubs being born in India more than 70 years after the beautiful creatures were officially declared extinct in the country. (If you haven’t yet seen the cheetah cubs snuggling, it’s worth a look.) 

Not all cheetah encounters are quite so sweet, though. Cheetahs can be curious creatures, and while it might seem like it would be cool to get up close and personal, people who have had the experience tend to find it rather unsettling. 

At times, curious cheetahs have even climbed into vehicles with tourists to take a closer look. This isn’t an experience that’s typically advertised. In fact, it’s very rare. But, if it does happen, guides recommend staying calm and avoiding looking at the animals directly. And it goes without saying, do NOT try to touch them. Those razor-sharp claws and teeth aren’t just for show.


Let the animals finish their inspection. Soon, they’ll most likely be on their way in search of a preferred food source, such as gazelles.

With any luck, you’ll have your camera ready and will be able to shoot some photos or videos, so people will believe you when you tell them about your incredible encounter.

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